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Automate the entire procurement process from vendor quotes to invoice payments.

Axanta's purchase management helps you maintain masters for various suppliers and their contacts, track purchases, get a complete purchase rate history etc. It systematically records all the details pertaining to various suppliers, purchase orders, purchase requests, quality checks, purchase returns and much more. It enables you to evaluate a supplier based on delivery time, quality of material and cost of procurement.

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Automatic Purchase Orders

Automatically generate purchase orders based on stock level and inventory replenishment algorithms.

Multilevel Approval

Create approval rules for users based on order amount, and other order specific information.

Partial and Consolidated Receipts 

Track receipts, whether – partially filled, completely filled, or consolidated from multiple purchase orders into a single receipt

Key Purchase Management Functions

Supplier Master

Allows you to manage suppliers as well as allowing them to enter the pricing for the RFQ you have sent, so you no longer have to input their quotation in the system; allowing you to automate and track your RFQ easily.

PR, RFQ & PO Management

Create Request for Quotation, Purchase Request and convert it to Purchase Order. View and manage the status of Purchase Order as well as track payment. 

Multiple Approval Levels

The system allows you setup multi levels of approval for your purchase requests, purchase orders. Approver will also be dynamic depending on department.

Incoming Shipment Tracking

Track the incoming shipment as well as back orders from suppliers of confirmed purchase order. Schedule the shipment and receive notification of late delivery.

Landed Cost

Include additional shipping and handling costs with purchased items, capturing them by line item and cost code. Allocate costs using custom allocation methods. Landed costs are automatically included in the inventory costs for stocked items.

Report & Dashboard

Analyze and manage your purchasing experience through a complete set of inquiry screens and auditing reports with drill down to the original transactions.

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Features by verticals

  • RFQ.
  • Purchase orders.
  • Purchase returns and RMA.
  • One step purchase.
  • Incoming shipments.
  • Landing cost (can be applied on PO to add estimated costing).
  • Supplier price list. 
  • Price history while making a purchase.
  • Partial and consolidated receipts.
  • Easy import options to create purchase orders.
  • Print and email purchase orders to the supplier through the system.
  • Fully integrated with accounts and inventory modules.
  • Analytical reports.

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