Business Challenge

24 Piraso wanted to find a solution to make its sea cuisine service more efficient and reduce the time it took to serve the guests. To maintain the customer pressure at peak time they have to deal with them with a faster transaction rate. Enhancing customer experience was one of the major challenges that the retailer was looking to resolve. Another challenge the management had was lack of data synchronisation between outlets and head office. Due to their growth over time, the store's legacy retail application was not able to provide the much needed visibility across the restaurants.

24 Piraso started looking for an affordable easy-to-use solution to resolve these challenges keeping scalability and customer engagement as their top priorities that would help them manage their critical business functions across sales, financials, and operations in one single integrated system. 

The Solution

Axanta ERP offered the platform 24 Piraso was looking for, keeping in perspective its long term business plans. It has been able to solve retailers business challenges in as a unified solution that leverages all retail touchpoints. Axanta has integrated their in-store restaurant operations with back-end ERP. 

After the implementation of Axanta ERP, 24 Piraso has experienced a perceptible rise in operational efficiency. They have observed a significant improvement in order processing and customer service. 24 Piraso can now make informed decisions by having access to consolidated sales reports, inventory visibility and a better understanding of the customers’ buying trends.

The main benefit that of Axanta that appealed to 24 Piraso during the review process, was its ease of use, its complete integration with its ERP, and the ability to scale up and keep pace with the growth of the business. The staff who use the system also commented on Axanta’s friendly user interface and how quickly they grew accustomed to it. 

  • Headquarters : Kuwait
  • Website :
  • Industry : Restaurant - Sea Food Cuisine
  • Solution : Axanta ERP & Retail Management Suite

Axanta Business Solution fulfills 24 Piraso's need for a fully integrated Retail Management Solution

 24 Piraso has carefully structured its operations and is fully functional to handle multi-market operations. It has also set the ambitious targets of becoming the leading Seafood restaurant and plans to enter other potential markets in the near future.

Operations Manager, 24 Piraso


  • Lack of Synchronization between in-store operations and Head Office 
  • No visibility into sales data or performance reports
  • Unavailability of reports required for business decision making
  • Unavailability of Loyalty Program
  • The Retailer's legacy system did not provide visibility of data across the restaurants and HO
  • Lacked Centralized Database and had Reporting Inaccuracies
  • Inefficient Online Order Management System that was unable to track food delivery


  • Increase speed and accuracy in processing transactions
  • Comprehensive view of company's revenue, costs and inventory valuation in real-time
  • Improved decision-making process for effective restaurant management
  • Manage recipes, control variances and ensure the quality of every meal served
  • Visibility across all sales and purchasing transactions
  • Efficient accounting and financial reporting 
  • Promotional features including gift cards, discounts etc.
  • Useful Insights to evaluate Driver Performance