Business Challenge

Initially, the retail solution used by Burger Co was also unable to replicate information in real-time when there was no connectivity, until it was restored, causing them to lose data. Due to this, the order taking time in the store extended significantly with each client, when punching the orders. For the same reason, delivering receipts to customers was a problem, since backend operations collapsed periodically due to lack of connectivity.

Burger Co also anticipated a Delivery Management Solution that would help them to track the food package carried by drivers to ensure timely delivery. The goal was to implement just one platform that could deliver a single, centralized view of the business. To be able to expand successfully, the company decided the new POS system would need to be fast and flexible, and provide accurate reporting.

The Solution

The operational challenges and inefficiencies forced the management at Burger Co to look for a retail system that is automated, intuitive, fast and could help reporting and decision making. Burger Co chose Axanta ERP and Point of Sale as their implementation partner.

Following the implementation of Axanta ERP the management of Burger Co has achieved a unified and clear view of the products and customer data in all channels. Axanta ERP reduced the order taking time, from 1 minute to less than 30 seconds, increasing the overall level of customer satisfaction. Burger Co now has an advanced management in the operations of its store, visibility of its metrics, real-time sales reports, customer order history and inventory visibility.

Burger Co also started receiving real-time delivery tracking and status updates where delivery agents were tracked live on an interactive map with their progress updates via Axanta's Delivery Management Solution.

With Axanta ERP, Burger Co is efficiently managing their business which gives them more time to spend in the dining area interacting with and servicing their customers. They have been more than impressed at how the software simplifies many of their operations and how smooth and fast Axanta deployed the system.


  • Headquarters : Kuwait
  • Industry : Fast Food
  • Solution : Axanta ERP & Retail Management Suite

Axanta Business Solution fulfills Burger Co's need for a fully integrated Retail Management Solution

Burger Co. "The Burger Specialist" is a fast casual better burger restaurant serving handcrafted, made-to-order burgers, fries, and signature sandwiches, using the freshest ingredients of the highest quality, including hand pressed burgers, scratch-baked buns and unique regional specialties like crispy halloum fingers and our signature falafel burger.

All our burgers are made with only 100% Halal, US raised certified Angus beef and the best quality imported chicken 100% Halal.

Operations Manager, Burger Co.


  • Lack of Synchronization between in-store operations and Head Office
  • Prolonged Order Taking Time
  • Inability to Generate Invoices and Replicate Reports in Real-Time
  • Unable to capture customer information for targeted selling
  • Unavailability of Loyalty Program
  • Lacked Centralized Database and had Reporting Inaccuracies
  • Inefficient Online Order Management System that was unable to track food delivery


  • Easily Process Transations in Offline Mode without Internet Connectivity
  • Real-Time Visibility into Business Operations
  • Better Communication in-store and more synchronized operations
  • Increased Efficiency in Collection and Order Taking Times
  • More Accurate Inventory and Sales Data Synchronized with ERP
  • Managing Orders from anywhere with Central Order Taking (Call Center) Functionality
  • Useful Insights to evaluate Driver Performance