Business Challenge

Prior to upgrading to Axanta ERP, Decorum and its brands – Luisa Spagnoli & Deha tracked its inventory and financial data in a spreadsheet. When the company began auditing, leadership felt that their current processes were not keeping up. Spreadsheets couldn’t account for changing inventory costs, and they also didn’t have the necessary workflows to record the cost of goods sold (COGS), an important financial metric. Desired Improvements in communication between Headquarters and other locations were required due to which real-time data analysis was impossible.

Managing order requests, maintaining stock levels, creating tracking numbers, monitor purchase history, co-ordinate with vendors and so on all these lead to constant chaos. The basic need was to have a robust transaction management system and an enterprise wide platform to run the operations that would bring all of its businesses and processes together. 

The Solution

After a comprehensive evaluation of different options and software companies, the management at Decorum decided to go with Axanta Business Solutions. This was on account of the fact that Axanta had a solution specifically directed at the retail sector, which met much of Decorum’s requirements. Axanta ERP provided the power, configurability and flexibility to completely automate prior manual business processes, including Accounting, Inventory Management, Purchase, and other Retail processes. Decorum increased their business and process efficiencies while expanding operations, maintaining inventory control and improving effectiveness, resulting in improved user experience.

With Axanta ERP, Decorum now have a tight connection between their ERP system and the stores that minimizes all manual work and provides all departments of the organization with the business information they require to both keep track of daily sales, deliveries and stock levels. Axanta provides a centralized database that standardizes data across the organization, thereby cutting down on time wasted over miscommunications and ensure smooth workflow at every stage of the purchasing process.

  • Headquarters: Kuwait
  • Industry: Retail - Fashion
  • Solution: Axanta ERP & Point of Sales
  • ERP Integration: Integration of Sales and Stock information with Brands.

Axanta Business Solution fulfills Decorum's need for a fully integrated Retail Management Solution

Decorum has been present in the Kuwait Market quiet a long time as a specialized premium Fashion brand. Over a period of time, they have established leadership in the exclusive sector of international brands - Luisa Spagnoli and Deha. Decorum owns 4 stores distributed across Kuwait.

After achieving considerable success in their Retail venture, company looks forward to expand and shall soon open stores in different parts of Kuwait.

IT Manager, Decorum


  • Lacked integration between stores
  • Stores unable to work in offline mode
  • Inaccuracy in stock due to duplication in work
  • No real time data
  • Single view of customer information and transactions was not available
  • Disintegrated retail processes with no backend integration
  • Delayed check-outs due to outdated POS system 
  • Manual reporting of sales and stock information to the respective brands


  • Retailer can manage multiple stores with a unified view of store process
  •  Intuitive interface has reduced administration costs
  • Improved decision-making process for effective retail management
  • Seamless integration with ERP has reduced manual work
  • Efficient accounting and financial reporting 
  • Improved payment processing and invoicing
  • Customer retention through loyalty program
  • Ability to create promotional offers such as BOGO, Limited Quality Discount, etc.
  • Real-time dashboards and reporting