Business Challenge

First Step was using an outdated ERP system when they initiated their business. However, with time, they faced a number of issues and lacked proper controls for Inventory management.

One issue that arose was the system was not able to generate effective invoices and the management could not obtain all the information needed in the invoices. Also, the system was not able to have different article numbers for products when sold to customers. In addition, the previous system was not able to provide reliable information flow across the business.

Without control, complete visibility into business processes and lack of effective reporting, the management was challenged to make wise business decisions.

The Solution  

After struggling with the old system, First Step felt the need to have a more efficient ERP Management System that was flexible, feature-rich, and could automate their business operations for future growth. The business evaluated a number of ERP Solution providers, but one of our clients recommended Axanta ERP to First Step for its Robust tools and Advanced features.

Axanta ERP ticked the boxes in terms of their business requirements and the management were able to effectively control & monitor the Inventory.

The system also offered to generate effective invoices and allowed to have different article numbers as well. With the help of Axanta ERP, First Step is now able to better control the distribution of products and can have access to crucial business insights with effective reports.

Thus, with the best ERP Management solution on board, First Step is achieving growth and success in their business operations by meeting their goals.

  • Headquarters : Qatar
  • Industry : Mother and Baby Products
  • Solution : Axanta ERP Management Suite 

Axanta Business fulfils First Step's need for a fully integrated ERP Management Solution

“ To efficiently run our Organization operations, we were looking for an end-to-end management retail ERP. Axanta fulfilled all our needs perfectly. Changes can be made very easily and at a faster pace. All our processes are operated seamlessly without any trouble.”

Operations Manager, First Step


  • Existing system could not offer a complete view of Inventory movement
  • Creation of Invoices with detailed information was not available
  • Could not generate different article numbers for customers while making sales
  • Not able to achieve accurate information due to lack of data flow across business
  • Lack of real-time visibility into business operations
  • Unavailability of Reports required for decision making
  • Existing system was not able to run promotions or reach out to customers
  • Inability to keep with customer preferences and trends due to ineffective CRM


  • Considerable Improvement in Managing and Tracking of Inventory in Real-time
  • Were able to create invoices with detailed information as needed
  • Flexibility to generate different product codes for customers during sales

  • Quick, & Easy access to Information with accurate data for faster decision making
  • Enhanced business performance with maximum scalability and visibility
  • Gain key business insights via reporting and analytics capabilities
  • Supports discounts, promotions & loyalty programs
  • Improved customer service & enhanced customer satisfaction with reliable Customer Management solution