Business Challenge

Before implementing Axanta ERP, Halamama had been using some other ERP system when they initiated their business. However, they faced a number of issues in managing their day-to-day operations and were dissatisfied with the previous solution as it did not meet their expectations.

The existing system was unable to handle real time transactions, get proper control for inventory management and failed to provide valuable business insights. Also, there was no overall visibility into their operations that eventually hindered their sales operations.

Absence of inbuilt loyalty & promotional programs and inability to apply discounts left Halamama with limited options to boost repeat sales and engage their best customers.

Thus, these were some of the challenges that prompted the management to invest in other solutions and resolve them.

The Solution  

Halamama required a robust, easy to use solution that would be capable of handling real time transactions for their business operations and Axanta ERP proved to be just that.

Axanta ERP helped Halamama to effortlessly adopt a Retail system that gives accurate, reliable & integrated data as required. The management can now have a consolidated view of their retail operations that enabled them to gain a clear visibility. The manager is able to access accurate inventory at their fingertips, assisting in quicker decision making. Also, Axanta ERP has simplified the day-end procedures, providing easy reporting functions and reducing the errors.

With Axanta’s robust promotions engine, the management can configure pricing strategies, apply discounts, and generate offers easily. Also, manual configuration of schemes and additional discounts is avoided to save time and maximize profitability. 

Halamama has been immensely benefited with Axanta ERP in building better relationships with customers and engaging with them to elevate sales profitability to new levels.

Thus, with Axanta ERP on board the management has realized an edge over the competitors and has resulted in great user adoption and staff satisfaction.  

  • Headquarters : Qatar
  • Website :
  • Industry : Mother and Baby Products
  • Solution : Axanta ERP & Retail Management Suite
  • ERP Integration : Ecommerce Website

Axanta Business fulfils Halamama's need for a fully integrated retail management solution

“We are very happy to find Axanta ERP, that offers excellent value as well as the functionalities which our business requires. Availability of information & quality support was the key with Axanta ERP solution. I would highly recommend the Axanta ERP system”

Operations Manager, Halamama


  • Unable to manage real time transactions
  • Unavailability of reports required for business decision making
  • Consolidated view of business operations was unavailable
  • No inventory monitoring & movement
  • Lacked promotions engine and multiple issues in applying discounts
  • Unable to generate offers, coupons or reach out to customers


  • Easy and Smooth Retail Operations
  • Gained key business insights via reporting and analytics capabilities
  • Comprehensive view across business processes

  • Improved Inventory management
  • Able to deliver better buying experience through effective promotional program
  • Improved customer retention rate through personalized marketing campaign