Business Challenge

Jawi has been accelerating its business operations in multiple countries. At present the business runs in countries like Kuwait and Bahrain each having 1 shop respectively.  Initially, the retail solution used by Jawi was not able to match their various requirements. Also, the support that they were expecting from the system was not satisfactory. 

The company reached a point where the previous solution could no longer keep up. They needed a solution that provided visibility into sales and inventory at each of its stores to control inventory costs. There was no flow of reliable information across the stores and were not able to collect the in-store sales. Having an ineffective dashboard was another problem faced by Jawi.

Mismatched reports and a complex interface added to the overall operational chaos, hence looking into the future they decided to discontinue with the prior solution.

The Solution  

Axanta was one of many systems that were evaluated during the process to find the best solutions for Jawi going forward. Axanta helped smoothly upgrade to its Retail solution that gave accurate, reliable data and complete support as expected. The main reasons for choosing Axanta was their cost effective solution and the duration for implementation. The implementation was done within 10-15 days whereas the previous solution took months, which amazed the customer.

The dashboards enable Jawi to view real-time product performance that helps in better decision making.  Effective purchasing and accurate sales had been facilitated by Axanta ERP.  The integrated system empowered store associates to build better relationships, engage with their customers and elevate their sales profitability to new levels. Centralization of data helped in minimizing the reporting error and obtaining accurate results.

Company took the advantage of the latest retail technology in order to offer its customers the most efficient and streamlined purchasing experience, with a focus on fast, cost-effective, and efficient service.

  • Headquarters : Kuwait
  • Website :
  • Industry : Retail Vape Products
  • Solution : Axanta ERP & Retail Management Suite
  • ERP Integration : Ecommerce Website

Axanta Business fulfils Jawi's need for a fully integrated retail management solution

“Axanta ERP has truly been the most useful ERP software for our business processes. We are very pleased with their involvement in the implementation process. Axanta ERP attended to our requests and concerns and was able to address all of them in time. We’re looking forward to having a long partnership with Axanta ERP!”

Operations Manager, Jawi


  • Lacked visibility into sales data
  • Not able to keep a track of inventory
  • Lack of business understanding due to ineffective Dashboards
  • Mismatched  reports and no proper business analysis could be done
  • Inadequate information caused delay in decision making
  • Disintegrated retail processes with no backend integration
  • Cost was too high against the services provided
  • Retailer was not able to run promotion programs and could not reach out to the potential customers


  • Measurement of sales via reporting tool and dashboard
  • Quick and Easy Control in Inventory
  • Better understanding and clear view resulted in faster decision making

  • Improved decision-making process for effective retail management
  • Gain key business insights with accurate reporting and analysis
  • Seamless integration between Ecommerce Portal and Axanta ERP
  • Enhanced customer engagement due to utilization of offers, promotions and gift cards
  • Considerable improvement in customer satisfaction