Business Challenge

Previous to implementing Axanta ERP, Lumiere managed everything in spreadsheets with Talabat as a food delivery partner. Lumiere reached to a point where mantaining everything manually could no longer keep up with the company's business goals. There was a need for an integrated solution that provided real-time visibility into inventory and sales at each of its stores to help control inventory costs. 

Other than Talabat, Lumiere has its own 20+ delivery personnels who delivers the order to the customer doorsteps but keeping a proper track around them is a challenge.

Also, there were no customised promotion or loyalty programs due to which an increasing number of sales was getting lost affecting the overall business performance.

Hence, Lumiere wanted to achieve a new solution that would eliminate their manual entries and reconcilliation exercises and provide seamless integration between their Point of Sale and back office to ensure accuracy of data in their reporting system.

The Solution

From among 10 companies vying for its business, Lumiere chose Axanta ERP's Retail solution for its chain of Desserts as it was the best solution for them meeting all its business requirements. Axanta provided Lumiere real-time visibility into store operations with integrated retail processes. In addition to managing in-store functions, the solution offered comprehensive functionality, covering inventory control, purchase order management, pricing, sales and promotions, customer management and marketing, employee management and reporting.

The Store Managers at Lumiere now have a central view of inventory and can manage prices, promotions, etc. across one or more stores. Lumiere gained a realtime view into sales, cash management, and profitability and to monitor trends.

Lumiere also started receiving real-time delivery tracking and status updates where delivery agents were tracked live on an interactive map with their progress updates via Axanta's Delivery Management Solution.

Automation of their retail business processes with Axanta ERP significantly reduced manual work and provided accurate data for reporting and analysis. With a powerful promotions tool, they could create multiple types of promotions for their diversified product portfolio.

  • Headquarters : Kuwait
  • Website : NA
  • Industry : Cafe & Restaurant
  •  Solution : Axanta ERP & Retail Management Suite
  • Channel Partner : NA
  • ERP Integration : Tookan, Talabat and Website Orders

Axanta Business Solution fulfills Lumiere's need for a fully integrated Retail Management Solution

Axanta ERP is a complete package for our business which is sleek, comprehensive and easy-to-use. It offers an unrivalled range of features for the small and medium sized operations which is good and pretty straightforward to use.

Operations Manager, Lumiere


  • Difficulty to manage with spreadsheets
  • Lack of control over inventory movement and sales transactions
  • Inability to create and run targeted promotions
  • Delayed order processing and no history of customer purchases
  • Time consuming double accounting manual entries and reconciliation
  • Lack of real-time visibility across store locations
  • Lacked Centralized Database and had Reporting Inaccuracies
  • Unable to track driver performance


  • Corporate visibility into individual stores inventory and sales
  • Enterprise ready features including promotions, rewards, loyalty and gift card management
  • Always online POS even where there is no connectivity
  • Integrated accounting and financial reporting
  • Efficient customer service and enhanced customer experience
  • Ability to evaluate profitability down to item level
  • Increased Efficiency in Collection and Order Taking Times
  • Useful Insights to evaluate Driver Performance