Business Challenge

Prior to implementing  Axanta ERP,  Skindollize was facing multiple challenges in their business operations which led to hindrance in the productivity of their business. As the business had multiple outlets they were unable to keep a track of their business operations. Thus, it was the need of the hour to upgrade to a seamlessly integrated retail management solution.

Real- time data between outlets, lack of Integration with the website & accounting/billing errors were some of the challenges due to which there was no accurate visibility and scalability of the business. There were also many functional limitations such as detailed stock levels, inaccurate inventory reporting, batch/expiry wise inventory look-up and allocation, customer loyalty programs and credit sales.

As the company dealt in cosmetic products, the expiry of products and generation of batch wise stock was the major challenge. Products that were nearing to expiry, an alert was required to let out those products first.  

Without visibility into business performance, they were challenged to make wise business decisions with regard to expansion.

The Solution 

After evaluating other solutions, Skindollize selected Axanta ERP with an aim of making overall retail transactions as smooth as possible. 

Axanta ERP acts as a helping hand to the company in integrating their business operations with its e-commerce website. Skindollize has now integrated retail functions and gained visibility for all stores where data between all 4 stores is completely synchronized, giving the management team a 360 degree business view. Skindollize achieved a 99.98% data accuracy rate, resulting in little to no maintenance and more time to focus on growing the business.

For better Inventory Management, Skindollize used PDT devices integrated with Axanta ERP, helping them regularly perform inventory cycle counts, receive new shipments and transfer between warehouses and stores. Also, Axanta ERP helped Skindollize create batch wise stocks automatically thereby eliminating the challenge of expiry of products.

Axanta ERP was well received by the Skindollize team as most of the functions were automated, resulting in increased employee satisfaction and improved customer service.

  • Headquarters : Kuwait
  • Website :
  • Industry : Retail Beauty & Cosmetic Products
  • Solution : Axanta ERP & Retail Management Suite
  • ERP Integration : Ecommerce Website

Axanta Business fulfils Skindollize' need for a fully integrated retail management solution

We have rolled out Axanta ERP & POS at our venue. It is very user-friendly and the back office is pretty much comprehensive especially in terms of stock control and costing. It is indeed a pleasure to work with the Axanta team. 

Operations Manager, Skindollize


  • Lack of Synchronization between different outlets
  • Unable to consolidate sales transactions
  • Generation of  Batch Wise Stocks
  • No integration with ecommerce website
  • Lack of control over inventory movement
  • Disintegrated retail processes with no backend integration
  • Lack of centralized database
  • Unable to stock products in order of expiry dates
  • Regular out of stock of products


  • Retailer can manage multiple stores with a unified view of store process
  • Seamless integration between Ecommerce Portal and Axanta ERP
  • Quick engagement with the user through easy interface
  • Quick and Easy Control in Inventory using PDT Devices
  • Improved decision-making process for effective retail management
  • Efficient accounting and financial reporting
  • Increased Speed and Accuracy in processing transactions
  • Improved customer service and employee satisfaction
  • Improved stock levels through Axanta’s inventory management tools