Business Challenge

That Al Salasil was previously using a local Retail software when they initiated their business. The legacy system was not integrated with the ERP and the back office operations were not as per expectations.

With the existing software, the management could not track & manage the inventory and lacked clear visibility into sales and other business operations. Poor reporting capability of their legacy system was another pain point that made it very difficult to operate the business and to make sound business decisions.

Additionally, they wanted a system that was user-friendly and could provide them with the appropriate information at the right time.

That Al Salasil wanted to replace the outdated retail solution with the latest one in order to streamline their business operations.

The Solution  

After carefully evaluating several retail management solutions, That Al Salasil implemented Axanta ERP for their business operations. The business smoothly got upgraded to Axanta ERP, providing accurate, reliable & integrated data as expected.

With Axanta ERP the management can gain easy & explicit business insights and can now make sound business decisions by having access to multiple reports. In addition, proper tracking & managing of inventory was also possible with Axanta ERP’s Retail Cloud ERP & Point of Sale Solution.

The business saw a significant improvement in their performance with increased visibility into sales and other operations. The system was also appreciated for its user-friendliness. The implementation of the Axanta ERP was done as per schedule and their old data was migrated smoothly to the new system.

  • Headquarters : Kuwait
  • Website :
  • Industry : Bookstore Operations | Fashion & Retail | Tobacco & Accessories
  • Solution : Axanta ERP & Retail Management Suite
  • ERP Integration : Ecommerce Website

Axanta Business fulfils That Al Salasil's need for a fully integrated retail management solution

“ To efficiently run our Organization operations, we were looking for an end-to-end management retail ERP. Axanta fulfilled all our needs perfectly. Changes can be made very easily and at a faster pace. All our processes are operated seamlessly without any trouble.”

Operations Manager, That Al Salasil


  • Outdated/legacy Retail system
  • No Visibility into Sales & other Business Operations
  • Lack of clear & consolidated view of Inventory
  • Inability to achieve multiple reports & business insights
  • Incapable of making sound business decisions due to adequate information
  • Lack of integration with the backend
  • Existing system was not able to run promotions or reach out to customers
  • Inadequate customer information


  • Seamlessly integrated & advanced retail management solutions
  • Ability to achieve real-time visibility into business operations
  • Unified view of  inventory management with accurate tracking

  • Gain key business insights & highly detailed and accurate reports
  • Could make sound business decision
  • Enhanced accuracy & data synchronization with seamless integrated solution
  • Supports discounts, promotions & loyalty programs
  • Effective customer management with enhanced customer service