Business Challenge

As a forward looking business they had previously invested in a Retail Software from another IT company, but the system failed to cater to the requirement of integrated operations & ease their retail operational needs. 

The management was unable to see the correct sales figures and consolidated view of available inventory. Fragmented data and inaccessibility of clear view was a major contributor to delayed decision making and was a severe hindrance in future expansion plans of the company. 

Another challenge that they were facing was the inability to create different loyalty programs to encourage repeat sales. In store, they wanted to better serve their growing customer base by processing transactions faster and delivering the best possible customer experience. 

As the company looked to expand their retail operations they were apprehensive to continue with the old application.

The Solution

After evaluating a number of systems in their efforts to find the best retail solution with Omnichannel capabilities, Thiru Supermarket chose Axanta ERP to streamline their operations and integrate key in-store and head-office business processes into a single, unified system.

Post implementation of Axanta ERP, the management team has gained a clear and unified view to sales and stock positions that assists in accurate and quicker decision making. The integrated system empowers store associates to build better relationships, engage with their customers and elevate their sales profitability to new levels.

Axanta ERP provided complete customer details on the front-end with integrated loyalty management to track all customer contacts and purchasing preferences, and the ability to launch targeted promotions, offers, and personalized campaigns. Having ready information at the point of service has reduced the employee response time hence increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Headquarters : Qatar
  • Industry : Retail Supermarket
  • Solution : Axanta ERP & Retail Management Suite

Axanta Business Solution fulfills Thiru Supermarket's need for a fully integrated Retail Management Solution

Thiru Supermarket is owned by Al Qadi International Foodstuffs which is operating in the Qatar Market since 2000. We started with one store in Barwa village and now have expanded our self to one more store in Al Muntazah. 

Axanta ERP has the power to manage our business and not just run it! If I have to chose again, I'd pick Axanta ERP only. 

Owner, Thiru Supermarket


  • Old solution did not provide integration between in-store and back-end processes
  • No Omnichannel capabilities 
  • Outdated / legacy point of sale and IT systems
  •  Lacked visibility into real-time inventory and sales data
  •  Lack of controls to manage stock-outs and over-stocking in stores Inability to create customised promotions and loyalty programs
  • Delayed decision making due to inadequate information 
  • Unmanageable data consolidation & audits 
  • Lack of reporting or dashboard tools


  • Ability to manage multiple stores from a unified system
  • Synchronized data transfers between Stores & enterprise
  • Robust Omnichannel capabilities with sales integration across channels
  • Centralized visibility into enterprise-wide sales and inventory
  • Enhanced customer engagement due to Integrated loyalty, offers, promotions and gift cards
  • Improved decision-making process for effective retail management
  •  Increased overall employee efficiency and performance at store
  • Daily and monthly accurate sales reports to manage revenue sharing